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Great fishing sunglasses

Costa was founded in 1983 for hardcore fishermen who wanted high performance sunglasses in the water. It using the finest materials of sunglasses in the world. And for over 30 years,it has been making the clearest lenses on the planet in the USA. Fake Costa Reefton sunglasses is a great choice of the fishing equipment!

Reefton background

Reefton is one of the centers of fly fishing on the South Island of New Zealand. These Costas Reefton sunglasses are large in frames. The large frames make them the perfect companion for cutting the glare and spotting spooky trout in New Zealand’s  waters. Replica Costa Reefton Sunglasses have co-injected hydrolite lining, flexible hinges and side vents to help keep your target in sight.

Fake Costa Reefton sunglasses

Fake Costa Reefton sunglasses perform extremely well on fishing. Costa sunglasses can block 100% of the harmful rays in sun. It’s also 100% polarized. So you can see the water clearly and block reflected glare, and the replica Costa sunglasses have high quality optics and high definition lenses. So wearing them can effectively reduce eye strain after long hours of fishing.

Cheap Costa Reefton sunglasses are made with lightweight Costa 580 lenses. These lenses absorb harmful high-energy blue light to reduce fogging and blurring for greater clarity. Costa Rincon sunglasses are perfect to handle the toughest conditions, while still maintaining full coverage and classic style. What’s more,the materials of the lenses is super lightweight. So they are perfect for wearing for long hours of fishing and you’ll feel no burden on your face!

Lenses of Costa Reefton sunglasses

Green Mirror – Encapsulated green mirrors enhance visual acuity and eliminate glare Offering high contrast, green mirror is ideal for high-contrast and sight fishing in the sun.

fake Costa sunglasses, Green Mirror

Blue Mirror – Encapsulated blue mirror deliver superior contrast and color in full sun and eliminate glare. They are perfect for open water, harsh sun, and the beach, blue mirror delivers a natural contrast.

fake Costa sunglasses, Blue Mirror

Silver Mirror – Encapsulated silver mirrors enhance colors and also optimize light transmission. So it is excellent for sight fishing and cloudy days, silver mirror is the most versatile tint and perfect.

fake Costa sunglasses, Silver Mirror

Lens size: 63.7mm / 42.3mm
Frame size: large
Basic curve: 8
DBL: 16.4 mm
Lens length: 111.7mm

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 fake Costa sunglasses

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