Oakley sunglasses

Great sunglasses for everyday wear

Fake Oakley Gauge sunglasses are a great looking pair of casual sunglasses. Unique and classic in design that will change your image. Oakley Gauge sunglasses are a high performance sunglasses that not only look great, but are also made of top quality materials in frams and lenses.It combines the Mono Shock™ hinge design with the classic modern style of aviator glasses into a stylish pair of sunglasses for everyday wear. You will enjoy contemporary style and exceptional comfort in Oakley Gauge sunglasses.

Fake Oakley Gauge sunglasses

lense technology

Replica Oakley Gauge’s lenses contain many high-tech. It uses UV protection of Plutonite™ lens material. The lens can filters out 100% of UVA / UVB / UVC & harmful blue light up to 400 nm. In addition, it also has Iridium™ lens coating. So It has a good effect on Glare reduction and tuned light transmission. Above that, Oakley uses a patented Three-Point Fit in the Gauge for a secure fit during any activity. Combined with the impact resistance that meets ANSI Z80.3 standards. you’ll have a pair of shades that perform well no matter where you live.

Don’t worry about damaging the high-tech lenses easily. Oakley Gauge lenses is also very hard, they meet or exceed ANSI Z80.3 optical and basic impact standards for optimal accuracy and impact resistance. Oakley’s HD Polarized technology is one of the best polarizing technologies in the world. You will no longer be unable to open your eyes because of the scorching sun when you wear them.

Fake Oakley Gauge sunglasses

Frame design

The frames of knockoff Oakley Gauge sunglasses are also great design. The shape of the frame is innovative in design, yet classic. The frames have Metal icon accents on them. It features a lightweight and durable C-5™ Frame Material. Which makes wearing it almost unbearable on your face. Above that, Mono Shock hinges provide more flex without pinching. The frame size fits medium to large faces. If you are nearsighted with glasses, this Oakley can also be equipped with prescription lenses (refractive range +2.00 to -3.00).

These Fake Oakley Gauge sunglasses are very versatile in appearance and practical in performance. Ideal for driving, walking, outdoor picnics and other activities.

Fake Oakley Gauge sunglasses

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