Dior’s most popular sunglasses

Summer is coming again, and the fairies quickly get their gear ready! Sunglasses are an indispensable sunshade tool in summer, and a must-have item for concave shapes. Dior sunglasses have a variety of styles, and they are often overwhelmed with all kinds of popular styles! I will introduce Dior’s most popular sunglasses, as well as how to choose the color and model of Dior’s sunglasses. Come and watch them together!

Dior so real series:

The models that are out of stock at all the counters are popular in Europe and the United States and the Great Celestial Dynasty. How many Internet celebrities love it. The endorsement of the supermodel Ms. Li Hanna is called a Cool~~

The sunglasses are disintegrated at the middle connection, and a smooth line is used to connect the two lenses on the frame, which has both architectural lines and the spirit of the brand’s advanced customization. It is decorated with synthetic resin and black metal details, which is exquisite and light~ It is especially worn by celebrities. It’s totally fine for boys to wear this one, it’s very handsome!

Dior So Real M

The retro line design is not common in the previous Dior Lady series. The avant-garde black lenses and the futuristic frame are novel and clever to show the charm of women. Many bloggers and street shooting must-haves~

Dior So Real Rise

A reinterpretation of DiorSoReal’s classic design, with streamlined lines and a thin-edged frame for a sense of lightness. The black lenses are embedded in the rose gold frame of the ultra-thin metal frame, showing the super lightweight shape with a sense of technology. It can be said to be the secret weapon to shine in summer, and friends who like it hurry up and start it!

Dior So Real Pop

In the summer, you can also give your sunglasses a different color. This bright yellow lens completely subverts people’s concept of sunglasses. Wearing her makes her whole person playful, and the ultra-thin frame looks like the sunglasses. Very delicate, especially suitable for travel and vacation, it looks very fashionable! !

Dior stellaire

The latest model of the counter has been on fire all the time, this one is super light, and it is really super versatile! Super fair-faced, white-skinned sunglasses! A couple sunglasses! You don’t have to worry about not looking good in any concave shape, and you don’t have to choose super handsome glasses. There are many colors to choose from!

The large-frame square sunglasses are comfortable on the face, very versatile, do not pick face shape, the lens is nylon lens, which can better protect against ultraviolet rays and protect the eyes, fried chicken looks small, white, and handsome!

There are also Dior temperament powder square sunglasses, which are not too beautiful!

Dior split

Only five words can be used to perfectly interpret it: cool, dazzling, and dazzling! ! Another pilot series, as good as ever! The metal color matching mirror is not too special, it is full of futuristic and fashion sense!

This year, there is no pilot who is embarrassed to get involved in the fashion circle! Anyway, the hipsters are already armed~~ Are the fairies thinking about getting one as soon as possible? And the best advantage of this one is that it is big enough, covers half of the face, sun protection, and a weapon to hide from acquaintances! It is also suitable for both men and women! !

Dior Color Quake

These aviator sunglasses have extra-large contoured lenses that can perfectly modify the face line. The pure and simple style is matched with different colored lenses. The four bright colored lenses of yellow, blue, green and pink make the sunglasses look like solid-colored glass masks. personality.

Minimalist, oversized sunglasses exemplify self-proclaimed effortless style. After wearing it, it is the most fashionable and trendy person. The key is really small face!

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