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Oliver Peoples Sunglasses Ingenious Work

Oliver Peoples is an American high-end eyewear brand that is popular all over the world. With the eyewear industry being monopolized by big brand companies, Oliver Peoples is an independent production company that continues to drive the eyewear trend. It is the most popular and noblest sunglasses brand in the United States and Japan, and a must-have item for various star models.

Because it needs to be produced in limited quantities, it has to be very meticulous. Basically all Oliver Peoples glasses are made by hand.This also reflects the manufacturer’s serious responsibility for the production of sunglasses.

Oliver Peoples was originally a small company in Los Angeles that made its own limited-edition hand-made glasses.The founder, designer and professional optometrist Larry Leight bought a batch of (John Lennon)-style nostalgic antique round glasses and glasses manufacturing tools made in the 1920s for $7000 by chance in 1985. Owned by someone called Oliver Peoples. So Larry Leight opened a specialty store named Oliver Peoples, and this batch of antique glasses quickly sold out. Then he began to design this retro glasses style and began a new sale. Such a professional background has made the antique glasses he made with more detailed carvings and more advanced materials. The retro glasses with the signature design of the retractable arm have become the trump card of Oliver Peoples. The point is that the frames are particularly light and the curvature is suitable for Asians.

This time I want to introduce is a round sunglasses with very high value.The Row After Midnight.

The Row After Midnight

A round, 80’s inspired design fashioned after the late nights in New Yorkand styling of that era. Made in Japan, the titanium frame is detailed witha linear engraving along the bridge, eyewire, endpiece and temple. Flatbase lenses add a cool, progressive touch. The Row embossed logo at the temple tip assures authenticity.And custom linear engraving along the eyewire, endpiece and temple,dedicated to The Row collaboration.Meanwhile,Vintage inspired, adjustable nosepads. All frames come with a case and cloth to protect the frames when notbeing worn.

The glasses are very light, so you can wear them in a day without any burden. The frames have a certain degree of elasticity, so they won’t slide down with sweat. And this oval metal frame is particularly retro. Suitable for fashionistas who love special but are afraid of being too exaggerated.

These sunglasses are all very delicate, with hexagonal hinges and rivets, the mirror arms can be extended and retracted. The color is very rich, wearing cheap Oliver Peoples sunglasses will have the urge to sunbathe.

 Discount Oliver Peoples is always able to balance color, style and size. There is not much to show off in the design, but the eye-catching color combination and line shape make the sunglasses not only retro, but also trendy.

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