Top quality gears for shielding your eyes from the sun

If you like outdoor sports, then a pair of sunglasses is essential. Here are a few sports sunglasses that are excellent performance sunglasses for various sports.

Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses

Oakley Flight Jacket sunglasses are popular among cyclists and runners. They are equipped with Oakley’s Prizm anti-glare lenses, which can improve vision from dusk to dawn. The contour without eyebrows allows better visibility on the upper layer, and the design of these frames prevents overheating and fogging, while also allowing sufficient air flow.
The lightweight frame and comfortable non-slip fit make these glasses comfortable and durable, suitable for all-day wear, but it is worth noting that these glasses are most suitable for large faces. They also have a range of tones and light color options, so your choice depends on the sport you choose.

Oakley Canopy Ski Goggle

If you want to ski in the winter, Oakley Canopy Ski Goggles is a choice for many skiers. This goggles uses three-layer foam and moisture-absorbing velvet lining, which can keep you cool and comfortable on slopes. They also have injection-molded Plutonite lenses that can protect your eyes 100% from UVA, UVB, UVC rays and blue light up to 400 nanometers. The 400 mm wide strap and silicone lining provide a personal service.

Julbo Eyewear Aerospeed Sunglasses

Julbo Eyewear Aerospeed Sunglasses Weight only one ounce, these high-performance sunglasses from Julbo use panoramic lenses and are suitable for cyclists, runners, triathletes and endurance athletes. The aerodynamic frame is durable in the wind, and the 3D fit on the bridge of the nose allows these sunglasses to adapt to various face shapes. The polarized polycarbonate lens provides 100% UV protection while eliminating glare, thereby obtaining crystal clear optical effects.


sports sunglasses

Costa sunglasses are professional sunglasses designed for fishermen. Among them, Costa fantail is a more classic sunglasses. This Costa fantail sunglasses is especially suitable for fishing enthusiasts. Because the color of the field of vision on the sea is very beautiful. Its lenses can prevent polarized light well, allowing you to see things in the water clearly and preventing light from the water surface from reflecting to your eyes.

Choose a pair of sunglasses that suits you according to your favorite sport. I hope this article can help you choose sunglasses.

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