Oakley sunglasses

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Oakley brand

The founders of the Oakley brand were both giants in their respective fields. One of them is Michael Jordan, the former king of basketball, and the other is Jim Jannard, the mad genius in the world of science. The collision of the souls of athletic geniuses and scientific geeks is a collaboration that many could never have imagined. Then they each brought their talents to bear on the other and successfully promoted Oakley as a legendary brand in the sunglass industry. It is loved by many celebrities because of its cool appearance.

Oakley sunglasses

Oakley Holbrook sunglasses is Oakley’s hot-selling line of products. It is the perfect blend of fashion and sport. It also has a cool look and an extreme design. A pair of well-made replica Oakley is not only the same as sports sunglasses, it can protect your eyes well. And its shape is the same as casual sunglasses, it is a very good accessory!

Oakley Holbrook sunglasses

Lens technology of Fake Oakley Holbrook

Fake Oakley Holbrook sunglasses also use lense high-tech technology.
To date, Oakley has more than 600 patents on its technology. It prevents visual position shifts caused by light refraction. Its products provide excellent clarity and visual fidelity with high-definition optical technology.

HDO thermonuclear protection
Oakley PLUTONITE lenses are made to block every wavelength of solar UV radiation produced by thermonuclear reactions, not just lower energy wavelengths like UVA.

HDO Impact Protection
Oakley’s design and lens materials minimize impact in hazardous situations, and it also has passed tests ranging from dropping metal rods from a height to high-speed impacts with small steel balls.

Hydrophobic Technology
Oakley Waterproof Lens Coating eliminates static charges so airborne particles do not attach to the lens surface. Waterproof technology creates an invisible layer of protection that easily protects against perspiration, rain, sunscreen, skin-lightening oil, dirt and dust.

Polarization technology
Oakley fuses polarizing filters into the lens molecules using a special single-layer lens complete injection molding method, which contains no glue.

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